Built to Suit

We introduce to you, for the installation of your company at Multivias II, the option of the Built to Suit real estate transaction, with the design of the floor plans according to specific demand from the future user to posterior lease, thus avoiding fixed capital elsewhere from the company business.

How the process works
Our team of architects advises during the mapping of the company’s real needs, and develop a custom project of the new plan, ensuring the building of a tailored property, thought and developed to meet all specificities from your core business.

Starting from the project and after the negotiations the atypical lease contract is signed.

The lease terms are established in order to ensure benefits both to tenant and locator - minimum of 10 years - to ensure the continuity of the activities to the first and the invested capital return to the second.

Built to Suit Advantages
Besides reducing the capital invested on a new business unit with liquidity gain, the companies that choose to adopt the income tax calculation system though real profit have the advantage of accounting the lease as an expense, deducing it from the profit and income tax to pay.