PLANEGRAM CONSTRUÇÕES E PLANEJAMENTO LTDA., which is focused on the implantation of commercial and industrial enterprises, was built in 2001 by a family of visionary entrepreneurs with the intention of creating a new and differentiated industrial hub in the city of Jundiaí.

From this ideal arose the LOTEAMENTO MULTIVIAS POLO INDUSTRIAL E LOGÍSTICO, strategically located on the km 67,7 of the Dom Gabriel Paulino Bueno Couto Road.

The enterprise concept and the goal of Planegram, with no worries about the expenditures to implant the project, have put a differentiated product in the market, which determined its success attracting national and multinational well-known companies which ratified even more the quality of this work.

Stimulated by the sales success of the first phase (sold out), the group launched the LOTEAMENTO MULTIVIAS II POLO INDUSTRIAL E LOGÍSTICO in 2014, continuing this successful history. After dedicated work with the competent agencies, we obtained the pertinent approvals and the registration in the real state registry, thus being able to start the sales of another enterprise with PLANEGRAM’s quality and guarantee.