Urban Concept

Closed allotment with complete privacy
Preserves the distance from dense urban areas, yet not compromising the working force commute, and keeps the green area around the allotment, isolating you from the neighborhood.

Privileged Topography
Highly compressed land, allowing maximum use of the allotment.

Rationalized Project
Conception and distribution of the available areas allowing allotment composition from 3,000 to 50,000m2, all facing wide avenues.

Two ways access
Besides the main access through Dom Gabriel Road, it also has a secondary access through Antônio Pincinato Avenue, which is interconnected to the highway system.

Exceptional Environment
The green area belts preserved around the whole enterprise harmonizes with the permanent sights of the ecological site in Serra do Japi, a privilege that can only be offered by nature.

Living and Services
Center Multivias also has a 20,000m2 area, expected to be the site to install a Living and Services Center, according to the needs of the installed companies.