Strategic Position
Based in Jundiaí, roadside to Rodovia Dom Gabriel Paulino Bueno Couto, integrated to interconnection point of the main highway system in São Paulo state (Anhanguera and Bandeirantes roads) and the most important roads in the Brazilian South-East (Dom Pedro I, Castelo Branco, Santos Dumont e Fernão Dias) and located less than 40km from the Viracopos Airport and 80km from the Cumbica Airport.

Jundiaí: relevant differential
Located between São Paulo (60km) and Campinas (40km), Jundiaí stands in the center of the greatest manufacturer/consumer market in South America. The city is an economic hub in vigorous growth, with a very high City Human Development Index (C-HDI), and also has complete and qualified commerce and services infrastructure, international hotel structure and an executive airport.

Distance Table
Bandeirantes Road_______________________________________4 km
Anhanguera Road________________________________________5 km
Ring Road Mário Covas__________________________________40 km
Dom Pedro I Road ______________________________________44 km
Santos Dumont Road ___________________________________38 km
Castelo Branco Road ___________________________________54 km
Fernão Dias Road _____________________________________73 km

Viracopos Airport (Campinas) ________________________38 Km
Congonhas Airport (São Paulo) _______________________ 65 Km
Cumbica Airport (Guarulhos) __________________________80 Km
Jundiaí State Airport _________________________________03 Km