Wide and resistant road system
The enterprise is served by five large avenues (two of them are 40 meters wide and three of them are 33 meters wide), each one has two 10.5m-wide carriageways, media, 4m-wide sidewalks and roundabouts. The wide road system planned for intense and heavy traffic gives comfort for the users.

Complete lighting network both on thoroughfares and green areas. The electricity is provided by CPFL with available capacity of medium and low tension, there is also a high voltage transmission line nearby, making the availability for major consumers easy, if necessary.

Natural Gas
Piped gas available through two entries, Dom Gabriel Road or Antônio Pincinato Avenue, upon request to COMGÁS, the company in charge.

Water and sewage
Drinking water supply system with an internal elevated tank with 1 million liters, distributed throughout the whole enterprise. DAE S/A is the company responsible for the administration of the supplying service and the sanitation. The sanitary sewage goes to the capture network and is directed to a public treatment station where 100% of the sewage is treated.

Rainwater capture network, which collects and directs it to 3 pour points, with water retaining tanks with a total capacity of 1,700,000 liters.